CPG eCommerce & Marketing Audits

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A clear path to success.

An assessment of goals, plans, strengths and weaknesses is critical in illuminating the path forward. Let’s have a  no obligation conversation about how we can help your brand move forward with unsurpassed success.

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We bring decades of experience in understanding how to effectively position your brand in the CPG space across all platforms and channels. We know the challenges, and feel confident we can help you achieve success.

Retail Pricing and MAP

Customer UX

Advertising and Analysis

Multi Platform Stores

Search Engine Marketing

Innovation and the Future

Project Overview

Customer UX

Create a digital and tangible customer experience that is unsurpassed. Working with us.

Retail & Pricing

MAP pricing, strategy, adherence and structure, we work to ensure your retail pricing is singular across all platforms.


Strong creative and strong measurable metrics are our priorities in achieving success.


Strong product detail pages, highly optimized and driving category leaders and sales.

Search Engine Marketing

Voice search, optimized Bid Management, Campaign Structure objectives, ASIN Inclusion, EBC A+ Positioning. Ad Spend Effectiveness results, Daily Cap, ACoS review, Keyword Bid Strategy

Innovation and the Future

Evaluating the solutions within Amazon and other leading channels to promote your brands and raise both awareness and performance.


Our Audit Process

Our team of consultants uses expert knowledge and sophisticated software tools to examine and understand your brand’s strengths and areas for improvement. We begin with an analysis of user experience and go on to cover the spectrum of retail essentials, including product detail pages, creative content, retail logistics, media plans, and much more.

What You Receive

A detailed report that examines every element of your Amazon approach, with actionable insights on how to elevate your strategy to the next level. We’ll prioritize every element to fix, ensuring those that are quick and with maximum impact precede those with a lesser impact on your sales.

Pricing and Timing

To ensure an adequate time period for account observation, audits take about four weeks. Pricing is based on each individual clients’ needs, the number of products audited, and the number of competitors you would like to include in the report.

Is it Right for You?

If you want to sell more on Amazon, Walmart or Target, this for you! We help with a range of challenges, including:

  • Declining conversion rates

  • Sales dropping off

  • Poor reviews

  • Inventory issues

  • Launching new products and categories

  • Innovative ways to connect with audiences

We guarantee that by implementing the audit recommendations you will significantly enhance your sales and brand reputation on Amazon. Clients so far have seen upwards of 30% sales improvement without adding a cent to their media spend.